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What Is The Best Intimidator Battery of Deka?

Moreover, your vehicle’s performance is often not up to the mark when you are using an old or damaged battery. Certainly, it is a better decision to replace your intimidator battery instead of repairing it.

So, here we are providing our selected 5 best intimidator battery list. Thereby, we reviewed Deka batteries as they provide high-quality intimidator batteries at a very reasonable price. Deka batteries are very popular as they are highly reliable in terms of withstanding the toughest situations.

Further, our experts have reviewed the top best intimidator batteries from Deka. According to our experience, we selected Deka batteries as the top intimidator batteries. Further, the best Deka Intimidator batteries offer a longer life span, durability, fast charging rate, and longer discharging rate at a very reasonable price.

Top 5 Best Intimidator Battery – Experts Review & User Experiences

Now let us get to the detailed review of these batteries. Just read out their premium facilities and find out if they meet your requirements :

1. Deka 9A49 AGM Intimidator Battery

The first choice of our best intimidator batteries list is Deka 9A49 AGM. This battery is a highly powerful top post type battery that can deliver a constant power supply to all your vehicle’s components. Any hydraulic lift, winches, stereo, onboard electronics, and other necessary power demands are usable with this battery. You can easily install or adjust this battery as it has a handling facility on the top frame.

Deka’s this battery model comes with the assurance of leak & spill-proofing due to its premium design management. Thereby, you would be getting a wide range of installation options. All the sensitive and costly parts of the Deka 9A49 AGM battery are protected and sealed so, you have nothing to worry about. Its positive is positioned on the right side as it doesn’t come with a standard DIN auto-post.

If you have been to any market then you might know that this battery is highly popular for its reliable quick start. It has a high power supply of 850 CCA (cold cranking amps). This amount of CCA is more than enough to run the start engine at any cold temperature. It can endure the toughest situations as it comes with 2x endurance and 2x cycle life assurance.

Moreover, this Deka intimidator battery performs astonishingly in the heaviest pressure and powerful electrical demand. The battery can easily resist robbing vibration which lengthens its lifespan more. Most importantly, you can also use this battery for race cars as it has a separator and a tight-pack plate. You can also use this durably constructed battery for off-road cars and tuners.


  • Powerful 850 CCA & 950 CA quick start reliability.
  • Leak and spill-proof designs with separator.
  • Can manage factory-installed electronics.
  • Powerful 2x endurance & 2x cycle life.


  • The right positive position is the opposite of the BCI requirement.

2. Deka 9A34R AGM Intimidator Battery

We chose Deka 9A34R AGM intimidator as the second-best battery choice for its incredible performance in all aspects. This battery model. Deka comes with an enhanced electrolyte suspension system. Similar to the other premium Deka batteries, this one also provides special glass mats. A special mat is used for absorbing more electrolytes.

As this battery has a high reserve capacity, you can run this battery for long-term use. In this regard, the Deka 9A34R AGM battery has the longest battery life among other AGM batteries in its segment. Such an amusing discharge rate of this battery must satisfy you with a very short charging rate. This powerful battery is covered with a spill-proof design which makes it more reliable.

If you are looking for a battery that can handle any factory-installed electronics that can be turned on then Deka 9A34R is a great choice. It still delivers enough electric power supply even after plugging or turning on factory-installed electronics. You will never feel any shortage of electrical power demand with this battery.

Additionally, the positive polarity of this battery works well with Toyota full-sized vehicles, SUVs, trucks, ford, and so on. Also, you can use it for tuner cars for its high-impact design.

It has CCA 750 power supply which is great for an engine’s quick start. There is also vibration protection on this battery to prevent the battery from getting damaged. Moving or carrying this battery is also pretty easy as it only weighs around 5 lbs. and it has a handle attached to the top.


  • Comes with an enhanced electrolyte suspension system.
  • High reserve capacity long-lasting battery with faster charging and slower discharging rate.
  • A vibration protection feature was available for better performance.
  • 750 CCA dual-purpose quick-start design with quality accessory power.


  • This battery is not so long-lasting.

3. Deka 9A35/85 AGM Intimidator Battery

Deka 9A34/85 is another great intimidator battery for modern cars. This battery is also a great option for the intense power supply of electronic power demand. This battery is made after made thinking about modern cars and their numerous electronic components. It can easily handle all types of factory-installed electronics.

As this battery is designed for performance vehicles, you can easily use it for your vehicle’s hydraulic lift, a stereo system, and other high-powered electronic accessories. There is no concern about the battery life cycle as this battery also comes with 2x endurance and 2x life cycle. Just like other premium Deka batteries, Deka 9A35/85 AGM battery also assures fast charging and slower discharging facility.

Therefore, the battery comes with CCA (cold cranking amp) 640 which is a good quick-start power supply. This battery is a good fit for Mazda, Nissan, Toyota mid-sized, and full-sized vehicles. Its power supply is still enough to use in vans, trucks, and SUVs. The battery is spill-proof and it has vibration protection which makes it more reliable for long-term use.

So, using this battery for off-road cars is not a big deal. Also, it is designed with extreme impact design for enhancing rugged and back road adventures. The battery also provides an enhanced electrolyte suspension system like other Deka batteries. Special glass mats are also available which are used for absorbing electrolytes.

All these facilities along with such intense electrical power demand make this battery a great deal for its cost.


  • Quick cranking starts with a 640 CCA power supply.
  • A highly durable and spill-proof design can withstand tough conditions.
  • Vibration protection is available for safeguarding the battery’s lifespan.
  • Can supply intense electronic power demands.
  • Premium maintenance-free battery with a high-end electrolyte suspension system.


  • some users have faced stop-and-start driving situations after using it for a few months.

4. Deka 9AGM48 AGM Intimidator Battery

The following model Deka 9AGM48 is another greatly designed premium quality batter with some fascinating premium features. This battery has been specially made for expensive cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes Volkswagen, and many more. It comes in a battery group size of 48 with the right positive polarity. If your vehicle fits this amusing battery then you should never look for any other options.

Deka 9AGM48 intimidator battery comes with CCA ( cold cranking amps) 760 power supply. Such a power supply system can easily quickly start the engine of your vehicle. Also, you must warm it up even at the lowest temperature. It has a huge reserve capacity so, you can use it for a long time without any concern.

This battery also assures 2x cycle life just like other Deka Intimidator batteries. You can use this battery to handle factory-installed electronics without facing any turbulence or power shortage.

There is no need for maintenance as this long-lasting battery offers premium maintenance-free service. Electrolyte suspension systems and glass mats absorbers are also available. This sealed battery is spill-proof which makes it even more reliable. You can use this battery for an intense electrical power supply for a long time with its fast charging and slow discharging facility.

Using this battery for off-road vehicles would also be satisfying. This highly durable battery is made of a high-impact design and 2x endurance. The vibration protection guards of this battery help to reduce battery damage and increase battery lifespan. Thus, you can easily use it for driving through tough terrains and tuner cars.


  • Reliable quick-start capability with 760 CCA power supply.
  • Maintenance-free and high-impact design for heavy use.
  • Large reserve capacity ensures a longer battery life cycle.
  • The electrolyte suspension system is available.


  • This battery is only recommended for performance vehicles.

5. Deka Intimidator Battery (9A34 AGM)

At the end of our best intimidator batteries list, we placed the Deka 9A34 AGM battery which comes at a very reasonable price. This battery primarily fits jeeps, SUVs, Dodge, Chevrolet, and other Vehicles with its battery group size of 34. The left positive polarity position of this battery makes it an ideal battery to meet all BCI requirements of an intimidator battery.

Deka 9A34 battery produces an astonishing power supply to all the electronic components of modern vehicles. You can use this battery for any hand factory-installed electronics without any doubt. It can withstand heavy power supply situations for long hours with its double endurance and cycle life. The Reserve capacity of this battery is also sufficient for long-term usability.

You can use this battery for off-road vehicles & tuners as it is made with a high-impact design. The vibration guards and electrolyte suspension system of this battery make it even more durable and reliable for long-lastingness. As this is a premium maintenance-free battery, it comes with special glass mats that are used for absorbing electrolytes. The sealed design of this battery is completely spill-proof.

750 CCA (cold cranking amps) power supply of this battery is powerful enough for an engine quick start even at the lowest possible temperature. It can satisfy all of your vehicle’s electrical supply demands without any hesitation. Just like other Deka Intimidator batteries, Deka 9A34 also comes with fast charging and slow discharging facility.


  • Assures engine warming & quick start at any condition with a 750 CCA power supply.
  • Highly durable built quality with vibration protection guards & electrolyte suspension system.
  • Maintenance-free & spill-proof design.
  • Sealed battery with special glass mats to absorb electrolytes.
  • Comes with the assurance of double endurance and life cycle for high-performance.


  • Difficult to install.

How To Choose The Intimidator Battery – Buying Guide

As you have seen our top 5 best Deko intimidator battery reviews list, you might become confused about which one among them would be ideal for you. So, here is a list of things that you should look for in your Deko intimidator battery:

Battery Size:

Each intimidator battery has an individual different size dimension. Before buying any battery, you should check its height, width, and length and read your vehicle’s manual to find out if it would fit. If this information is not available in the manual then you must consult a mechanic before installing any battery.

Reserve Capacity:

The Reserve capacity of a battery describes how much power supply your battery can contain. The maximum reserve capacity of a battery indicates that your battery ensures more power storing facility to run for more time. You should always go for batteries with more reserve capacity than needed since you might sometimes accidentally leave the lights of your car on.

Power Requirement:

The power requirement of a Deka battery refers to CA or CCA which means cranking amps of cold cranking amps. Therefore, Amps requirement energy is required for starting the engine of a vehicle at 32 Fahrenheit. If you live in a cold atmosphere then you should look for batteries with higher CCA. Higher CCA would let the engine of your car start at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.


There are cases of some low-maintenance batteries that come with unsealed caps. You can use distilled water for these battery maintenances. However, if you don’t have a tight budget then go for sealed maintenance-free batteries. This maintenance-free battery’s liquid electrolyte lasts longer than the battery life.

Final Words

Now that we have shown you our top 5 best intimidator battery reviews, it must have become easier for you to choose one of them for your car. If you have seen these batteries’ specifications then you might have understood how powerful Deka Intimidator batteries are.

Using Deka Intimidator batteries would be the best fit for your modern vehicle. Though modern vehicles have more electronic gadgets, our enlisted intimidator batteries would ensure to prevent power drain and no-start situation. So, you can enjoy your hassle-free driving with these affordable batteries with no chance of deep power discharging.

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