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Best Wireless Car Charger For Otterbox Defender [Reviews of 2022]

Do you have an otterbox defender case? So say goodbye to tangled cables in your car by purchasing one of the best Otterbox Defender wireless car chargers that we will review. Otterbox Defenders combine durable coatings to protect your devices from the worst drops, dust, dirt, and scratches. We have the best wireless car charger for Otterbox Defender.

Otterbox is a company that develops protective covers for smartphones, chargers, tablets, and similar mobile devices. Among the various series of Otterbox protective covers, the Defender series is the one that includes multi-level protective covers to protect your favorite mobile devices.

Having an otterbox wireless charger has its perks, but at one point, you might have wondered what kind of wireless car charger to buy. This article is applicable here.

It’s no hidden fact that at some point, you will end up with a drained phone battery, and when that happens, it is essential that you can quickly charge your phone in the vehicle.

Wireless car chargers were first released around 2012 and are the way to go. But, beyond practicality, you should not neglect the purchase of a wireless car charger that suits your style and personal taste.

What Are Wireless Car Chargers?

Wireless car chargers are holders designed for easy wireless charging otterbox defenders in the car. These wireless chargers help reduce distractions while driving. This is due to the absence of cables that can get caught in the hands or parts of the machine.

Wireless car chargers come in three types: magnetic, vent clip, and onboard mount. Magnetic wireless car chargers use magnets to hold phones in place. Wireless car chargers are those installed in the air vents of a car. Meanwhile, onboard wireless car chargers are located on dashboards or other flat surfaces.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 7 best wireless charger for otterbox defenders available in 2022. Next, we’ll give you an advanced buying guide that includes information on the different types of wireless car chargers, which features to consider when buying one, and the benefits they have. We’ve also posted general FAQs to help answer all of your questions.

Review Of The Top 7 Best Wireless Car Charger For Otterbox Defender

If you are in hurry? In this section for you.

  • ZeeHooWireless Car Charger
  • CHGeek Wireless Car Charger
  • VANCASS Auto Wireless Car Charger
  • HonShoopWireless Car Charger Mount
  • AndobilWireless Car Charger
  • TopumeWireless Car Charger
  • iOttie Wireless Car Charger

Here are the top and the 7 best otterbox defender car charger reviews.

1.ZeeHooWireless Car Charger

Product Description:

The ZeeHoo wireless car charger is durable. It is one of the most powerful, reliable, and durable wireless car chargers on the market. The wireless charger adapts perfectly to any vehicle and fits well enough inside the car to keep it out of sight.

The entire 360° rotation mechanism allows better phone viewing and easier access to GPS functions. Also, the charger offers the ideal viewing angle that will enable you to switch between portrait and landscape views quickly. The programmed open and hold technology can be operated with just one hand, making maneuvering on the road easier.

Plus, intelligent sensors make it easy to connect and disconnect your mobile device. You need to place the device between the clips, automatically closing and holding the phone in place. Unlocking the phone is also easy; grab the phone from both sides of the quick release buttons, and the arms will open automatically. This motorized gripper works very quietly and efficiently.

The charger comes with several installation options supported by a sturdy suction cup. You can place it on the windshield, dashboard, or table. For minimalists, the design is perfect.

Product Features:

  • 15W Qi-c otterbox wireless car charger compatible fast charging
  • Intelligent automatic sensors
  • Double layer capacitor
  • Deactivation delay
  • Powerful suction cup and adjustable screen
  • 1x suction cup
  • one ventilation clip
  • 1 type C cable of 1m/3.28 ft
  • one user manual
  • 18 months warranty


  • Robust and durable design
  • Easy to use


  • The ball holder is not smooth, resulting in decentralized balance when the phone is placed horizontally.

2.CHGeek Wireless Car Charger

Product Description:

If you’re looking for a simple charging device to make your travel charging experience more manageable, look no further than the CH Geek Wireless Car Charger.

This 2 in 1 charger is equipped with advanced detection technology, which will surely make everything easier and safer for you. It is functional with a wide range of phones and allows you to have a secure hands-free experience with its automatic open and hold design.

The wireless car charger has an advanced built-in microchip to identify and charge your phone quickly and protect it from damage. It supports 10W, 5W, and 7.5W charging modes, not to mention the stylish design, which adopts flexible non-slip silicone material and will not damage your car or phone.

Also, it has foreign object detection and LED alarms. This means that when metallic material is detected between the wireless car charger base and the device, the car charger will stop charging, and the red light will flash in the alarm. This, in turn, prevents damage to metals at high temperatures during the wireless charging process, as well as damage to the phone.

This wireless car charger is ideal for wireless charging with otterbox defender cases as it is a product that supports thick phone cases and can support 40-80mm wide phones. This means you don’t need to remove the phone case while charging.

There are some concerns about harmful radiation, but you don’t have to worry about this charger because it is equipped with an electromagnetic field shield, protecting you from any harmful radiation.

Finally, the robust suction cup is one of the best features, which uses a squeeze principle to keep the entire device intact. Verified reviews show how strong the sucker is. Once attached, it does not slip.

Product Features:

  • Q-certified wireless charger
  • Automatic locking with radial design
  • Detection of foreign bodies with LED alarm
  • Compatible with thick phone cases
  • Scratch resistant
  • Automatic fixing
  • 360° rotation
  • One-touch unlocking
  • Smart chip


  • High-speed charging
  • Easy alignment
  • Widely compatible
  • User-friendly with a thick box


  • We did not find any drawbacks to the product.

3. VANCASS Auto Clamping Wireless Car Charger

Product Description

Sometimes a sleek, modern wireless charger with a few extra features is all you need for your car accessories. If so, Vanmass wireless charger should be your choice. The sleek construction is a perfect addition to the interior of your car, with the added feature of providing a safer driving experience.

The car charger has a handle that allows you to keep your phone safe and helps keep it stable during tight turns and bumps. The sleek and stylish device has LED lights that show the device’s charging status. This is unarguably one of the best wireless car charger for otterbox defenders you can buy.

The fast charging speed is almost double that of regular chargers and reduces the average charging time by about 30 minutes. You will be very impressed with the charging speed of this wireless magnetic car charger. If we add that it allows charging through a case up to 6mm thick, we have one of the most efficient wireless car chargers compatible with Otterbox. This is one of the best Otterbox Defender wireless chargers we can recommend.

Product Features:

  • Impressive 15W fast charge
  • Deactivation delay
  • Smart Lock automatic sensor technology
  • 3-layer nano-steel locking clip
  • two ventilation clips
  • 1x wireless charger holder
  • one fast power cable (1.5 m/3.28 ft)
  • Power reserve
  • Smart chip
  • Detection of foreign substances
  • 18 months warranty

Some additional product features include:

  • The permanently attached microchip protects the phone from damage while charging
  • A battery that offers the delayed shutdown option means that you can disconnect the phone from the charger even after turning off the car engine.
  • The smart sensor offers an automatic 0.1-second opening and closing clip.
  • Ventilation clip with hinges that provide horizontal and vertical blades.
  • There is a base that prevents the phone from slipping or scratching.
  • The sensitivity of the thermostat, which regulates the temperature of the device and the phone, dissipates heat that can damage the phone
  • An adjustable “invisible foot” that keeps the phone in place and does not protrude
  • Silicone-lined clips that prevent the phone from getting scratched


  • Additional features such as delayed shutdown
  • High-quality and durability
  • Easy to install and convenient to use
  • Quick charge


  • We have not found any problem with this product.

4.HonShoopWireless Car Charger Mount

Product Description:

If you are in the marketplace for a modern and high-quality wireless car charger, consider this HonShoop charger. The simple yet elegant design looks great and will work great in any car. And as a bonus, the charger is not too bulky, making it fit perfectly into any vehicle.

The manufacturers went to great lengths to get this product, and the only feature that made us add it to this list is the smart chip programmed with the coils of hardened copper. These copper coils allow faster charging times than other products in the same category.

Besides having a higher charging speed, the wireless intelligent charging technology also offers protection against current and temperature fluctuations, thus preventing damage to your mobile device and charger during use.

This wireless charger uses environmentally friendly materials, so this product will be ideal for you if you are concerned with sustainability and environmental conservation.

An additional advantage of this material is that it is very sustainable. The powerful built-in motor gives the phone an impeccable grip, preventing it from slipping or bending, even in difficult driving conditions.

We love this cordless phone holder. It is straightforward to install and has multiple installation locations, all for your convenience. It has a mounting arm with a suction cup and clips to bend it, and when installed, make sure your phone won’t come loose.

Product Features:

  • Fast Qi charge
  • Superior material
  • Car holder with automatic fixing
  • Qi wireless compression function
  • 12 months warranty
  • One-touch unlocking
  • Automatic opening or closing detection function
  • Smart chip
  • Strong suction with dry air and press and lock
  • 360° rotation mechanism
  • Secure glass panel


  • Accessible
  • Smart technology
  • Installation in several positions
  • Above-average loading speed
  • Strong and durable
  • Ecological material


  • I have not found any problem with this product.

5.AndobilWireless Car Charger Mount Compatible

Product Description:

It is an attractive best wireless car charger mount that can charge your phone wirelessly in no time. It comes with a decent set of mechanisms that ensure your phone and charger are correctly aligned.

The exciting part about this car mount is that although it is based on a hinged design, unlocking and tightening the hinges/claws is effortless. Just hold down the quick-release button to extend the claws and automatically place your phone inside to lock your claws.

The manufacturer also guarantees that you don’t need to remove the device from a case or holster to activate wireless charging, saving you a lot of time. It’s also quite large, so you have the option of placing it on the board or in one of the air conditioning holes, which is best for you.

Another advantage is the size, as it can comfortably accommodate the most significant devices available on the market today, including devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS Max.

In particular, the bottom tray is handy because it can help you adjust the fit of your phone if it is not charging. Some indicators let you know whether your phone is charging or not. The manufacturer provides this wireless car charger with a ventilation clip, dashboard mount, and 4.9ft micro USB cable to power the charger.

This charger can fast wireless charging (10W), allowing you to charge your phone at the same speed as a wired charger.

Product Features:

  • Install in openings and car panels
  • Charging from 5 W to 10 W for Qi-compatible devices
  • Can carry phones up to 0.16 inches thick
  • The stand rotates up to 360 degrees
  • Quick-release of the cuff
  • Automatic staples
  • Reusable suction cup


  • Optimized for the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones
  • CE, Qi, and ROHS certifications
  • Three mounting options: dashboard, windshield, or air intake
  • The telescopic arm can bring the phone closer to you
  • Responsive customer service
  • 1-year warranty


  • You must purchase a QC 2.0/3.0 adapter to enable fast charging (and oil wireless car charger not closing)
  • The ventilation clip may be stronger
  • The suction cup may break over time.

6.TopumeWireless Car Charger

Product Description:

If you need a reliable charger that will serve you well, the Topume Car Charger has you covered. It is made with the best quality materials, including premium rubber and Qi support. Topume car charger has impressive stability and security because you can use the device while charging, and it will work well.

It supports fast charging and one-handed operation with its intelligent automatic detection. The Topume car charger is an excellent investment if you need a quick but durable charger.

You can buy this car dashboard holder to wirelessly charge your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The fixed connection of this mount will ensure that the support remains stable even with jerks and bumps. The suction cup also holds the panel firmly, so you can ensure that your phone will not fall while driving.

A telescopic arm is attached to the holder, and you can easily access your phone while you are driving. The charger has a power of 10W, which will quickly recharge your smartphone. You don’t need to use any tools, and you can install this best wireless charger for the car directly on the dashboard or windshield.

The clips allow you to remove the phone from the base with one hand easily. Finally, the mounting head is rotatable, and you can adjust the best screen position according to your needs.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with all Qi smartphones
  • Adopting the latest coil sensor technology
  • There is silicone on the arm and bottom to increase the anti-slip effect.
  • The phone charger can be installed on the vent hole with the retaining clip, suitable for most vents.
  • Offers a 12-month full money-back guarantee with no hassle or replacement
  • It has an anti-over-current, anti-over-temperature, anti-short circuit, and anti-overvoltage to ensure safe and fault-free charging.


  • Qi support
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Quick charge
  • Full compatibility


  • Insufficient support for larger phones

7.iOttie Wireless Car Charger Auto Sense Qi Charging

Product Description:

iOttie Qi standard is an intelligent producer of wireless car carriers and chargers. iOttie offers the best one-touch cordless car charger with a built-in standard Qi wireless charging base.

iOttie participated in creating a more minimalist and streamlined interior with the wireless car charging station. Simple sin Touch Wireless makes it an extremely convenient and versatile car charger as it is compatible with many mobile phones.

It includes easy assembly and disassembly of your smartphone, as it supports one-touch locking and unlocking.

View angles can be improved with a telescopic arm and a ball joint (17 mm). You can zoom in on the device and change the montage from landscape to portrait mode. The fantastic thing is that you can do all of this while the device is still charging.

Product Features:

  • Standard Qi wireless charging is supported on all devices with Qi wireless technology enabled.
  • With a single touch, your smartphone can be locked onto the charger
  • Adjustable with phones ranging in width from 2.3 “to 3.3.”
  • A micro USB charging cable powers the car phone base charger and dashboard for mounting on almost any surface.
  • A telescopic arm with a ball joint at the base improves viewing angles.


  • Ideal for multiple devices
  • Standard Qi charge
  • There are no cables to connect and disconnect repeatedly


  • May not work on vinyl/leather panels.

Buying Guide For The Wireless Car Charger For Otterbox Defender

While finding different Otterbox Defender chargers can be time-consuming, when looking for the best wireless car charger for otterbox defender, keep the following points in mind:

best wireless charger for otterbox defender


Of course, the first thing that matters is to check whether the wireless car charger is Qi-compatible. This charging system is the universal charging standard for wireless mobile devices. Eliminate the need for cables to transfer power to your device.

Some wireless car chargers come with both options, but be sure to choose the one with Qi-compatible charging, as this is the only one that wireless charger that works with otterbox wireless charging.


For most of us, aesthetics play an essential role. Because there is a wide range of wireless car chargers available, you can choose the one that works best for you. The one that adapts to the surroundings and looks great inside your car might be right for you. The second thing to consider is personal aesthetic preference.

You want something that matches your style. Considering the design of the wireless car charger will increase your overall satisfaction with the product.

Are you a minimalist? So maybe you should go for a dark and sleek car charger that isn’t too bulky and doesn’t attract unnecessary attention. If you love everything bright and cute, then go for the most colorful and stylish wireless chargers on the market that will put a smile on your face every time you turn on your phone.

Consider the material construct the charger is made from. Better materials mean a more robust device, and you want something that will stand up to rough shifts, emergency braking, or spontaneous acceleration.


Check the horsepower you need. Choose the wireless car charger that provides enough power to charge your phone as quickly as possible. The latest Qi charger standards support 15W; however, with some phone models consuming only 7.5W, prepare for the future by choosing the 15W wireless car charger.

Charging speed shouldn’t be a big deal, as most wireless car chargers come with standard charging rates. However, as our list above shows, some have more power and can recharge at higher speeds.

If you own a Samsung mobile phone, you will need a charger capable of reaching the 10W speed supported by your phone. On iPhone, the rate is 7.5W, and on older models, the default speed is 5W.

However, this is something you shouldn’t worry about too much. Make sure the device you’ve chosen is compatible with your phone’s charging speed, and you’re good to go.


Several well-known brands design wireless car chargers which are excellent in performance and durability. The features and performance of brand-name chargers are never compromised, although prices may compete. It is worth investing the money in a good buy.


There are several sizes of wireless car chargers on the market. The most common are flat and circular – pads. However, you can choose according to your needs, catering space, and similarity.

Installation Site Options:

Another important aspect concerns the installation locations provided by the device. Some countries have laws prohibiting anything on the dashboard or windshield that could block your view, so be careful.

Some wireless car chargers are more or less permanent. Once placed in a particular location in your car, they won’t move quickly, while others will be effortless to move from location to location and vehicle to vehicle.

Some chargers only offer the possibility of connecting them to the air vents or in the car.


Make sure that your phone and any wireless charger you buy are compatible. The last thing you want to damage is your phone or the new charger. Also, keep in mind that the charger you choose should be Otterbox compatible.

Some wireless chargers are limited to a specific thickness, so do your research and make sure you don’t spend the money on a charger that doesn’t perform the way you thought it would.

Also, it is essential to know what type of connection your phone has, whether it is USB Type B or Type C; this will save you many disappointments. Also, take a look at the location of the individual parts on your device and see if that will allow you to connect to other devices, like headphones, for example.

As you can see, this is not a process you have to rush into.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the phone’s magnetic holder interfere with wireless charging?

The phone’s magnetic holder interferes with wireless charging, making it difficult for the charger to properly transfer power to the phone, preventing the charging process.

How do I activate wireless charging on iPhone?

Connect the wireless charger to power and place it on a surface of your choice. Then place your iPhone on the wireless charger. The phone will automatically start charging a few seconds after being inserted into the charger.

Can I use my phone during wireless charging?

The wireless charger cradle allows you to use your phone while charging, as all phone functions remain active. There are plenty of car charging bases that let you answer hands-free calls, listen to music, track GPS, and all other features of your phone.

Will wireless charging affect iPhone charging media?

Magnetic media affect iPhone wireless charging by interfering with the power of the phone’s wireless charger, thus wholly or partially hampering the process.


Wireless chargers are a fantastic innovation in electronics and technology. They have made life easier for many people. The otterbox defender wireless charging is a leading brand in making the safest and most durable bags for various mobile devices, including cellphones, tablets, and more.

The wireless charger otterbox defender series is the latest in producing durable multilayer boxes. In this article, we have discussed the top seven best wireless car chargers for otter box defenders. These wireless car chargers have the best features and are compatible with most devices.

Besides charging your phone wirelessly, they keep it sturdy, so it doesn’t even fall on a bumpy road. Some chargers are directly compatible with most devices; however, some require additional protocols for host-specific devices.

Depending on the phone and the protective case you have, you can make the best and most valuable purchase by noting the features, pros, and cons discussed in this article. This research will undoubtedly take some time, but it is worth having good quality and suitable wireless charger if you have a good phone.