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6 Best Battery For Mazda 3 [Reviews & Buying Guide of 2022]

You just need to get that dear old Mazda 3 battery size back on the road. With many things kept in mind and considered while choosing batteries, below we present our top 6 options for the best battery for Mazda 3. The battery of a car is like the mitochondria of the cell. It is the main powerhouse and supports everything in the car that is electrical.

Various things, such as the brightness of the headlights, the velocity of the air conditioner, and the sound quality of the audio system, depending on whether the battery running is good and supplies an adequate amount of power or not.

So the safety of the driver themselves partly depends on the battery. Other luxuries of course come later, however, if you do get a battery prioritizing your safety, the luxuries should follow suit as they all depend on just one thing: how good your battery is.

For cars, there are two types of batteries: wet cell lead-acid and VRLA. Under the wet cell category, you can find the SLI and the Deep Cycle batteries. While under the VRLA, you can find the Gel Cell and the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM).

Also, there are different battery group sizes such as side post batteries, recessed post batteries, and lastly, standard top post batteries. But we know you are not here for a lecture on batteries. Sorting and narrowing down your options is our work.

Here Is The List Of The Top 6 Best Battery For Mazda 3

If you are in too much of a rush and do not have time to read all of this before hitting the gas, here are our 3 recommendations for the best car battery for Mazda 3:

  • XS Power D5100R XS Series Output Battery
  • Kinetik KHC1200 1200 Watt 12V Power Cell Battery
  • Delphi BU9048 MaxStart  Automotive Battery
  • Optima 8014-045 D34/Dual Purpose Battery
  • 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery
  • Lifeline Batteries AP1236 Power Cell Battery

Now we can jump into a more detailed review of the top 6 best batteries for Mazda 3. We have elaborated on every single product significantly, so it’s easy for you to make the decision.

1. XS Power D5100R XS Series Output Battery

The XS Power D5100R XS Series provides a solution to a big wet battery disadvantage, leaking, and spillage. The sealed and valve-regulated battery can almost be mounted in any way and still be spill-proof.

It is also vibration resistant which is a huge plus. The 12-volt battery weighs 39.6 pounds and has a CA of 745 with an Ah of 60. It is an AGM type, which stands for Absorbed Glass Mat, and falls under the BCI group size of 35. With all the records and titles in the car audio market that this battery holds, we would think that it is reserved for competitors only, but to our pleasant surprise, it is not.

The battery is available for daily driven vehicles. While using this battery many customers have reported that their headlights have gotten a lot brighter and the car itself runs better. The car audio also seems to increase in quality, so this is an excellent choice for cars that have enhanced audio systems.

With super low internal resistance the battery recharges at a very fast pace and permits a large quantity of discharge current. For owners with cars with start-stop, this is a very crucial feature that they should keep an eye out for while choosing and purchasing a car battery.

The features mentioned are also a big wall preventing the car lights from dimming out and loss of voltage. The only downside we found to this battery is that the battery does not come with its own posts, and the posts need to be ordered separately.

So, This is one that has a huge advantage, titles, and records that give it public recognition. All this does not come without valid reasons though. The battery is so well-reviewed that it was only expected to be used in race cars. The low internal resistance charges at a fast pace and gives good battery output. Read on for more.

2. Kinetik KHC1200 1200 Watt 12V Power Cell Battery

The Kinetik KHC1200 1200 Watt 12V Power Cell Battery provides a solution to great battery performance. Weighing 29 pounds, the battery cell is composed of lead-acid and is of type AGM. Being quite good for a car music system it supports a 1200 amp subwoofer with 1500 watts. It provides long-time power capacity. This helps to immensely upgrade the audio system in a car.

It provides a high current and with its somewhat compact battery size, you can put it in the little corner of any trunk where it can fit nicely while tucked away. This has enough juice to turn over a car and is the most powerful battery for its price. This battery should only be used to power amperage and not the entire car.

It has great power for a car’s headlights and fog lights. It is much stronger and safer than having a second battery. It also charges with solar panels. As a good provider of power and energy for music systems, the Kinetic battery has an awesome long-term battery life and comes from a well-reputed name brand.

The KHC1200-12V can be used as a replacement for your vehicle’s standard battery or as an additional battery to provide the extra power needed for a high-performance electric system. It works great, starts a car with no problems and no leakage, it can sit from time to time and still hold a charge with no alternator hooked up.

If you are worried about the battery size that it would not be as strong as a stock battery, think again because this beast is more powerful than a stock battery. This product is small and light but packs a punch. If anyone wants their system to have a little shot of bass-filled adrenaline, buy Kinetik. And BOOM! Overall this Kinetik KHC1200 1200 Watt 12V Power Cell Battery is quite powerful.

So, Compared to other batteries in this range of size, the Kinetik offers immense power. Additionally, the price point is astonishingly low for what it offers. The size allows the Kinetik to function as an additional battery to boost the electrical systems. Keep reading for more information on this.

3. Delphi BU9048 MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery

The Delphi BU9048 MaxStart AGM is a long-lasting battery that has reports of good service even after one year of usage. On the off chance that you are searching for an incredible worth or need an exceptional battery that can control all the hardware in the present vehicles, Delphi Technologies has the battery for you. The 12 volts Delphi battery is composed of lead acid and is of type AGM.

Delphi Technologies batteries cover a scope of cold-wrenching force (CCA) and hold limit (RC) as well. The guarantee that your car will start up when needed is provided by CCA. RCs, help run power frills from warmed seats to DVD players. Delphi AGM batteries give more cycle life, prevalent vibration and consumption obstruction, and most extreme force conveyance.

Furthermore, these first-in-class AGM batteries have multiple times the life expectancy of ordinary batteries and multiple times the vibration opposition. Broadened cold turning amps conveyance implies more force for the present requesting gadgets. Gathering 48 batteries with 760 CCA (cold-wrenching amps) and 120 R.C. (invert limit).

The battery provides 20 times the vibration opposition of customary batteries. Superior vibration obstruction, advanced segment pressure, sustained posts, lashes, and welds are all part of its features. It also allows prevalent consumption obstruction fixed lodging with a complex venting framework.

There are customer reviews of the battery complimenting its great wrenching amps. On the negative side though, we had to get a professional to grind a piece down to install the vent hose.

4. Optima Batteries 8014-045 D34/Dual Purpose Battery

The Optima Batteries 8014-045 D34/78 YellowTop Dual Purpose battery is an additional presentation battery. Optima 8014-045 D34/78 YellowTop Dual Purpose gives the added functionality and profound cycling ability that your vehicle requests if it has an extra number of adornments like running headlights, and a superior sound system/AV framework, winches, or hydrodynamics.

The interesting SpiralCell configuration gives a solid and clean force source, guaranteeing the security of you, along with your family and the climate. Profound cycle-type batteries show improvement over normal batteries.

It very well may be run down and afterward recharged back without inconvenience, though the red is anything but a profound cycle. The yellow top has the properties of a profound cycle where it is the prioritized option to utilize in the event that you have a sound/video framework that you occasionally run with the vehicle killed for a significant stretch of time, and it gets charged back up later when running.

The Optima battery will function admirably. With respect to a capacitor, if the established guidelines for your sub call for one, the battery you utilize most likely does not change the requirement for it.

Optima does not make an immediate fit substitution battery for a Porsche 996 yet. A custom spacer is expected to secure the battery so it does not move. A few people resort to a high-thickness plastic, similar to a thick slicing board, to mold one.

We have experimented with a 12mm or 13mm combo wrench as a spacer. It was the ideal size, and shape and had the inflexibility to do the work. A customer was also able to truly crank it down and the wrench had enough tension to act as a solid spring on the hold-down tabs of the battery.

5.12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

This 100 Ah 12 volt battle Born battery is planned and collected in Reno, NV. The LiFePO4 – lithium iron phosphate profound cycle battery is incredible for use in an RV, boat, or off-matrix power framework. These can be utilized in 12, 24, 36, and 48-volt frameworks.

The BMS disengages loads when a cell in the pack falls below the least recommended voltage. With its true ten-year warranty, the company provides services needed to repair if a warrantee clause is provided. A minimum of 10 years of life can be expected from the LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery. This small, lightweight, easy-to-carry battery provides surprisingly excellent performance and the warranty is just a cherry on top.

When the limit of 100 Ah is hit, an estimate is produced using this low voltage to full charge. So dependent on the evaluated limit, there is 0% excess when the BMS enters low voltage disengage.

Having a low-temperature heating function, the temperature of the internal heating plate of the battery rises automatically up to 10°C and stops heating up anymore by itself, given that the surrounding temperature is below 0°C when at a charge. This also lets the battery stop discharging at certain temperatures.

As long as the bulk charging voltage is between 14.2V and 14.6V and the float voltage is at 13.6V or lower, the battery will run great. Following 5 months of running, it has gotten reviews about how amazing these batteries are.

The battery has a higher limit with respect to this range and size of lead-acid. Can be released to 90% versus lead corrosive or AGM suggested half profundity of discharge. Can also be released at the high current rate without losing the Ah limit versus lead corrosive which can be diminished to a 40% Ah rating at a high release rate. Can be put inside a confined space with no hydrogen gasses generated.

Weighing at only around one-third of the heaviness of lead-acid, it does not need the temperature to pay for charging. Installing the battery inside can lessen link length which decreases voltage drop and force loss.

Installing inside also diminishes the danger of theft and lessens tongue weight from the front of a trailer. The output voltage is level during the greater part of the release cycle. About 13V output voltage is higher than lead corrosive which keeps gadgets working longer.

Higher yield voltage decreases inverter current draw by roughly 10%. Up to .5C versus .2C with lead corrosive. The battery can be connected in both parallel and series and has a fast charging time.

So, With a massive 10-year warranty, it makes the company look bold and confident in its product. This provides a good look and almost lures customers in. Free services for 10 years! Who would not want that? The lightness of it is another astonishing factor while being a lead-acid battery. Additional details are given below.

6. Lifeline Batteries AP1236 Power Cell Battery

The Lifeline AP1236 Power Cell Battery is an exceptional battery. A profound cycle battery that is intended to be consistently and profoundly released to the maximum of its ability.

The term is predominantly utilized for lead corrosive batteries in a similar factor as auto batteries; and appeared differently in relation to starter or ‘turning’ car batteries intended to convey just a little piece of their ability in a short, high-current burst for wrenching the motor.

The primary contrast between profound cycle and wrenching lead corrosive batteries is leading the pack battery plates. Profound Lifeline AP1236 battery consists of comparatively thicker dynamic plates, with equally thick active glue and separators.

The plates use Amalgams which results in an increased amount of Antimony (a chemical element) than in beginning batteries. Thick battery plates create a wider scope of charge and release cycles that help fight fast consumption.

Profound Lifeline AP1236 lead-corrosive batteries by and large fall into two unmistakable classes; overwhelmed (FLA) and valve-directed lead-corrosive (VRLA), with the VRLA type, additionally partitioned into two sorts, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and Gel.

The fortification of assimilated glass tangle separators assists with decreasing harm brought about by spilling and shocking vibrations. Here, under Tubular plated OPzS, a subcategory of flooded deep cycle batteries can be found, otherwise known as level plated.

The distinction by and large influences the cycle of life and execution of the cell. AGM-style batteries likewise offer quicker energizing and much preferable charge maintenance over ordinary wet cell batteries. Furthermore, the AGM innovation permits a lighter weight and twice as many charge/release cycles as the main gel cell battery.

Their fixed development implies that Lifeline Batteries can be introduced in any position, never need water, and have zero shipping restrictions. The electrolyte level ought to be over the highest points of the plates which fills in as a supply to ensure that water misfortune during charging does not bring down the level beneath the plate tops and cause harm.

Overflowed batteries will disintegrate some water from the electrolyte during charging, so ordinary support of overwhelmed batteries requires a review of electrolyte level and expansion of water.

Significant methods of disappointment of profound cycle batteries are loss of the dynamic material because of shedding of the plates, and erosion of the inside network that upholds dynamic material. The limit of a profound cycle battery is normally restricted by the electrolyte limit and not by the plate mass.

How To Choose The Best Car Battery for Mazda 3

We will be honest, taking a trip to get a battery for your car can seem short but it takes a lot of data gathering and manual reading beforehand. There are many things to consider (which we will provide a list on) and you would wish this were a “one size fits all” situation but it really is not.

This piece of writing aims to narrow that market of options down to the ones that fit your Mazda 3, skipping all that reading work for you. A trip to a professional does help but it does not buy you enough time to jot down everything they say.

So let us say one of you will now be heading out to buy a car battery. What do you need to be aware of? What are the things you should keep in mind while buying one? Here is a list you could follow and note down according to your car to choose a battery:

  • Size of Battery – check what best fits your car, get a professional if you have to.
  • The freshness of Battery– Ask the seller about how fresh the battery is when it was received.
  • Reserve Capacity of the Battery
  • Power Requirement for the Battery – and if your car meets this.
  • Warranty Type and Position of Terminals – check warranty type and remember to hold proof.
  • Ampere Hour (Ah) of the Battery
  • Previous Reviews – reviews show how it functioned with others.
  • Expected Lifetime of Battery


What is the warranty on these batteries?

They all differ, usually lasting for about 12 months after the purchase. Some brands, however, for example, the 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery mentioned above, have a 10-year warranty! So just keep the proof of warranty safe and the rest of the services should be handled by the company.

How long can I expect my battery to last?

On average, a car battery lasts for three to five years. That is the wet cell lead-acid ones. Life expectancy can be boosted by proper use and maintenance.

What is the most important thing when installing a battery in Mazda 3?

The time during a car is starting up is not a good one for installing the battery. After installation of said battery, the engine needs to be started and checked and the battery should be charged properly. Make sure your car is switched off and take the necessary precautions. Remember, safety first.

What is a way of testing a good battery?

You can do a load test or utilize an electronic battery tester. A bad sign would be if your battery fails either of the tests mentioned.

How do I throw out my old battery?

Since they contain toxic components, mindlessly throwing them out would be a bad idea. A better one would be to recycle. You can visit retail outlets or repair facilities around you to look for recycling areas that will let you give your old battery for recycling.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, your knowledge about getting a new best battery for Mazda 3, has increased and you feel more confident in this area. Finding your way to the best Mazda 3 battery group size is not easy, we know. It takes a lot of research and reading.

However, that is all cut short thanks to articles dedicated to finding these solutions for you. Reviews have also improved our experiences greatly, so when buying you can also talk around. After all, customers are the best and most honest critiques.

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