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About Us

We are a team that promises to provide you the best among all. Our crew members search for your question and bring everything together with the best answer. We can proudly say we have one of the best ways to provide sufficient information to our visitors.

Our every step requires man energy and time. We seek our expert’s opinions and we test the product by ourselves to debunk and discover many things. Down below we have given our process of choosing the batteries and making a list.

Why us?

We have created to aware you of the latest goods in the market. As we know, there are thousands of shops and links that you can use to get the item you want. But, when it comes to buying batteries you have to be careful and wise. It is easy to be deceived, that’s why we are here to provide you the path that you can use to get the best batteries.

How do we know what you want?

Don’t worry sir. We don’t steal your data and lurk around your information to find out what battery you want to know about. We create polls so you can vote on the item you want us to review for you. Also, we get hundreds of emails and the item that catches our eyes simultaneously gets chosen for review.

We also check different social media including our pages to find out what you are looking for and if you’re asking any questions about the specific item. That’s how we know what you are looking for and make a list of it with a buying guide.

Our reviewing process

This is the part that takes us weeks. We get the products and test them for a long time before writing an article about them. We don’t get the items for free. We don’t believe in writing on the item we don’t know about it. We like to examine each of the items individually and our crew members do their job passionately.

For example:

We get a battery and run it till it’s completely drained. We charge it to use again and check how long it takes to charge fully, how long the battery lasts, how reliable the battery is.

We also look for the pros and cons of having the ‘x’ battery. Every piece of equipment comes with these two things.  Batteries are important and have to match our requirements.

If we see the battery is not meeting our satisfaction, we do not write about it or include it on our list.

Why it takes us so much time?

As we have mentioned earlier that we don’t write based on information we see online. We order the products online and most of the time the items are from amazon. We wait several days for each item sometimes it takes a little time to assemble all of the products.

Are our links safe?

Your safety is our priority. We know that sometimes it’s quite terrifying to shop online with certain links.

It can lead to hacking and other bad and damaging situations.

This is the reason why we have crews that checks the link for us. Our given links are 100% authentic and safe. We write down the link under every product description. It will take you to the site and product so you can buy the product with a simple click. It is easy and safe for us and our visitors.

What do we get from helping you?

We got this question many times in our journey. Our leader chooses every crew carefully. We all know the pain of buying a certain product online and getting disappointed. We get extremely happy when we find a genuine product to write on. We know that even if one person visits our site and buys from it they will not be deceived.

Also, when you buy a certain item from our links, we get a small commission that helps us to buy more products for reviewing. It’s like, we are giving back what you are providing us. We are happy with our team and visitors like you.

Is there a way to help us more?

Thank you for staying with us. You can help us more by not getting scammed by other sites. If you see anything suspicious or cheeky, leave the site immediately. Many sites contain inappropriate ads, virus links, scammer links. To stay out of these, ensure to visit trusted sites and use an ad blocker to avoid those explicit content.

Keeping your trust in us is not an option but a priority. We wouldn’t intentionally provide you with something that may cause harm. If you are a regular visitor, we are happy that we have you. Email: